Mythodea | Sun:Set Sensations by Vassili Tsilichristos

Sunday, 22 December 2019

Haze TeamCy, Privilege Athens & Cafe Mercedes Join Forces & Proudly Present:
*** MYTHODEA ***
Sun:Set Sensations by dj Vassili TsiliChristos

On Sunday, 22nd of December, you will Experience A Unique Musical Journey, you’ve never had before!

Event Starts: SunSet (16:34)
Bringing you the #HazExperiece the Ultra Premium Ciroc Vodka
Supported by: Bucharest Bachelor Party!

Entrance will be allowed only to Hazers with Reservations or Guest List.
For Reservations & more info please call Haze’s Maitre, Andreas Christodoulides at 99092932.
Alternative, use our online App or click directly the link: